Look upstream to make a difference

09 Nov

In today’s workplace, early identification of potential mental health issues is key in order to prevent worsening health and detrimental impact on your workplace. We think there’s an urgent need for workplace managers to have the tools to identify potential mental health issues in employees, learn how to interact with those employees, and find ways to access available resources in-house or externally.

The associated costs are staggering. Mental health disorders in the workplace cost Canadian companies nearly 14 per cent of their annual net profits, or up to $16 billion annually, according to Great-West Life Assurance. Predictions estimate the total cost to the Canadian economy of close to $30 billion yearly.

With mental health problems in the workplace on the rise, company CEOs and HR managers are looking for solutions. They want to address prevention, early recognition and intervention, but there are so many existing issues that need attention—like growing absenteeism, increased disability claims, inefficiencies in workplace performance, increased workload, and the frustrations of co-workers trying to support and work with those with mental health disorders.

In our experience, this is a tall order for any company because management training has traditionally omitted topics on mental health management, and because issues of stigma still affect the way employers and managers handle potential mental health issues. Our goal is to help our clients clarify their training needs and better recognize and manage potential mental health issues.

In subsequent posts in this blog, we’ll discuss some of these workplace mental health issues, and also explore some of the innovative solutions that our clients are implementing.

Your Workplace Insight Team