Manager Training Modules

Learn to recognize the signs of potential mental illness in an employee. Engage in case studies and practise appropriate ways to approach an employee and to direct them to resources available for help.
Interact with real scenarios based on case histories and learn workable solutions to deal with troubled employees. Select pathways for dealing with a troubled employee from choices presented. Then receive feedback on your decision.
Learn the steps to developing a return-to-work strategy, how to implement the strategy, and pitfalls to avoid to achieve successful implementation.

Turnkey Solutions

Access our manager training online, 24 hours a day, via a web browser. View or export course results in real-time.

Our Product Commitment

All of our products are computer-based and integrate evidence-based content developed by mental health clinicians with in-depth experience in consulting on mental health issues in the workplace. Our innovative instructional design relies on the latest in e-learning technologies and research.

Evergreen Process

Our unlimited license renewal plan ensures that clients have the most up-to-date course versions. Contact us for more details.

As new research and technologies are available, we will update our courses to reflect those changes. Our content is always relevant, reflects best practices, and uses resources that are timely and appropriate.